The Artichoke, a bit tarnished.

In 1958 Poul Henningsen designed the Artichoke for the Copenhagen Langelinie Pavilion. And it still hangs there.


The lamp is still in production by Louis Poulsen and has a firm place in many design museums, such as the MoMa.

It consists of 72 sheets, which sit in rows of 6 on 12 steel arches. Thanks to the perfect arrangement of the leaves, the light bulb cannot be seen from any position, giving you glare-free light.


Our Artichoke is a rather early version, the copper at the lower end of the leaves has tarnished.


Product: PH Zapfen

Designer: Poul Henningsen

Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

Year: 1958

Production period: still today

Dimensions: Diameter: 60 cm, Height: 58 cm

Materials: Metall