Form Follows Speed: Lamborghini rim moulds.

What the furniture dealer does not know – he buys anyway. At least if they are such extraordinary objects as these two synthetic resin moulds for rims. We are not really familiar with the production process, but due to the Lamborghini embossing and the shape itself we could determine that these are the original moulds for the rims of a not very old but very rare prototype. (Thanks at this point to the many „Petrolheads“ in our circle of friends who did intensive research, especially Jens Seltrecht from Garage 11).

It is indeed about the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, presented in Paris in 2010. Its name refers to the sixth element in the periodic table: carbon (here in the form of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic used for the body, chassis and other components). Wikipedia tells us that the production model was limited to 20 vehicles and cost about 2.9 million US$ for the premiere.

The two form blocks each weigh approx. 30-40kg (so please do not hang with nails on a lightweight wall). They could fit perfectly into a design office, a collector’s garage or even into the penthouse on the Elbphilharmonie (who drives a car for 3 million?). Further relevant information on the production process, the vehicle or the owners of a Sesto Elemento who may be particularly interested can be obtained from  We don’t want to die stupid.



Product: Felgenformen

Year: ca. 2010

Dimensions: H: 62, B: 62 cm, T: 11 cm

Materials: Kunstharz