func. is a furniture gallery. With a very fundamental attitude: We only sell what we like ourselves. You will only find originals (no reproductions, re-editions or replicas). And we value tangible history, which is why you will find things with patina here with us, alive instead of dead restored. Many call this „Vintage“. Vintage means „old, but not antique“. More like a youngtimer than a classic car. More like the 20th century than the eighteenth. More of a design object than a museum piece. And by the way: Vintage is sustainable in the best sense of the word – because a chair that has already been produced no longer consumes any new resources.

Our passion is functional design. Typical of this are modern classics, such as lamps from the Bauhaus era or furniture from the Midcentury – from Eames to Nelson, from Knoll to Rietveld. Typical are also objects of everyday use from a functional environment, such as offices, offices, factories or workshops. These are often „no-name designs“ that are more known under the name of the manufacturer than the designer: For example the ROWAC stool, the TOLIX chairs or the STRAFOR cupboards. And then there is the „etc“ in our name: It stands for accessories that are otherwise seldom found. These can be old moulds, tools, boxes and boxes from industrial production, letters from neon signs and much more.

Consulting/object equipment: We offer both private furnishing advice and support for commercial spaces (e.g. for gastronomy, agencies, showrooms). And if it gets more extensive, we would be happy to work together with your architect or interior designer.


Furniture scouting: We research for you if you are looking for a special piece. Whether it is a specific design object or simply a matching table, a comfortable armchair or a French filing cabinet: just ask us.


Rental: We also make our objects available on loan. For example for film or photo shoots, trade fairs, events, vernissages or as showroom equipment.


Purchase: And if you want to sell furniture or objects that would fit into our shop, please contact us or send us an email to

„In Germany it is possible to speak of the twentieth century as the century of the functional style, a style which emerged around 1910 and still prevails today. (…) The Persistence of the functional style probably depends on the high value that is placed in Germany on perfect fulfillment of purpose, precision, safety, durability, the quality of the product and, more recently, environmental compatibility.“


Herbert Leidinger: Germany, The Nation of Functionalism (aus: History of Industrial Design, Electa, 1991)